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logo-amanda-clark.pngAmanda Clark is an English artist.  She takes her inspiration from the countryside surrounding her village and the myths and folklore that she learnt while growing up.


Amanda Clark taught herself how to paint and draw, encouraged by her parents. She earned a National Diploma in ceramics and surface pattern design as she honed her skill, helping her develop her use of colour and pattern.


Amanda's art takes the peacefulness of beautiful landscapes and adds a twist of fairy-tale and magic. The depth and pattern produced in her artwork is heightened by her use of acrylic and watercolour infusing her creations with beautiful colours.


Amy sells her artwork around the world and has also illustrated a series of books authored by her brother, Robin Craig Clark.


Her collaboration with Nemesis Now has produced a stunning collection of cushions, purses and trinket boxes showcasing her unique and vibrant art.

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