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annestokeslogo.jpgThe Anne Stokes Collection by Nemesis Now is brought to you by Brief Lives.


Anne Stokes' art presents life like portraits of fantasy and mythological subject matter. Her artistic interests are wide ranging. From fairy artwork to dragons, from enchanted gothic forests to the dark world of medieval vampires, Anne Stokes takes classic fantasy subject matter and reinvents it, bringing to life unique and eye catching design.


Anne grew up in London, starting her career developing merchandising for bands such as the Beatles and Queen.  She also sculpted jewellery for movies and TV, including Terry Pratchett's Discworld and Harry Potter. She has worked as a concept artist for Dungeon and Dragons and her artwork has been used in Tim Burton films.


Anne Stokes artwork is now used by Nemesis Now to create a stunning collection of resin figurines & statues, each one sculpted by master sculpters and hand painted.


Her artwork is printed on a huge variety of items such as cushions, lamps, messenger bags and trinket boxes.


Each product is uniquely beautiful thanks to the art used to inspire it and it is a gift to offer these products to our customers.

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