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alchemy-Gothic-black-logo.jpgCelebrate your own unique sense of style with this elegant and glamorous collection of hair accessories. From the simple beauty of the hair sticks to the complex and culturally inspired pins, you are sure to find what you are looking for amidst Alchemy Gothic's beautiful portfolio of hair adornments.


Alchemy Gothic utilise strong, smooth plastic as the base for their embellishments when it comes to many of their hair accessories, such as the combs, clasps and hair sticks. Designed specifically for their durability, they are beautiful decorative pieces, sure to turn heads!


Hair screws are formed entirely of metal, as are most of the barrettes, giving them a long-lasting appeal. With intricate imagery and stunning crystal additions, they are an ideal embellishment to your coif, allowing you to show off your style with minimal expense.


At Brief Lives, we do our best to ensure you are armed with all the information you need to be confident of making your purchase. Our product descriptions aim for accuracy, and we do our best to provide precise measurements. However, if you have any questions about our Alchemy Gothic hair accessories, then please contact us for more information.

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