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alchemy-Gothic-black-logo.jpgCinch your waist in style with this spectacular array of Alchemy Gothic buckles. From skulls & skeletons to dragons & demons, from viking & pirate buckles to rams & reapers, Alchemy's designs capture the quintessential elements of Gothic Style.


Cast in Fine English pewter, Alchemy Gothic make use of a number of techniques to provide surreal, ethereal and exquisite belt buckles for an alternative fashion statement. Often embellished with enamel or finely detailed in exquisite metal-work, these buckles provide a solid canvas for the genius of Alchemy Gothic’s designers.


Whether you yearn for the colourful designs of Urbanwear and Steampunk, or fancy the more subtle pewter stylings of the classic range, Alchemy Gothic will step up to the plate with their bold and daring creations.


Many buckles are sold without belts. However, we do offer genuine Italian leather belts in a number of sizes to include with your purchase if you so desire. Please read the product descriptions to ascertain whether a belt is included with the purchase, to avoid any potential disappointment.


Should you have any questions about the buckles contained in this category, then please contact Brief Lives, and we will do whatever we can to help you.

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