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alchemy-Gothic-black-logo.jpgFor gentlemen of distinguished taste and refined style, Alchemy have created an awe-inspiring range of arm wear. From the brutish, genuine leather width of wrist-straps to the solid, intricate designs of chains, Alchemy’s craftsmen do their best to capture the essence of masculinity and alternative style in their ever-expanding collection of male and unisex jewellery.


Claim a true sense of Norse style with their Viking-themed pieces, or create your own collection of inspired items that can best assist you to define your personal expression. From steampunk to urban wear, classic Alchemy to the edgy metal-wear designs, each bracelet encapsulates a clear and definitive concept of Gothic macabre and anarchistic uncertainty.


Each bracelet and cuff has its own unique aspects to offer. Here at Brief Lives, we believe in helping you to make a purchase that will bring you joy for years to come. With this in mind, we describe as fully as possible each bracelet in the collection, including the approximate circumference, fastening type and fabrication.


If you would like more information at any time during or after the purchase process, you can contact us for assistance.

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