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ag-logo.jpgWith cutting edge urban design in bold base metals, Alchemy Gothic’s unisex and men’s collection offers forceful design choices, making use of hard-wearing enamel and sturdy chain and leather for longevity and durability in its pieces. Featuring primarily monochromatic colour schemes, these items allow a subtle, unembellished celebration of alternative fashion.


With a broad range of items, from the machinations of Alchemy Empire to the gleaming enamel of the UL13 Urban collection, the androgynous and masculine overtones of this simple, straightforward jewellery is as daring as it is eye-catching.


Mixing themes from the mechanical to the macabre, encapsulating weaponry and war, Alchemy Gothic perfectly blend the masculine aesthetics of Biker culture and Rock N Roll to offer a versatile and engaging range of jewellery that occupy the spectrum from gender neutral to masculine.


With pendants, earrings, arm wear and rings available, there has never been a better time to cultivate a courageous new look using Alchemy Gothic’s intriguing designs.


At Brief Lives, we do our best to make your shopping experience both easy and enjoyable. Please feel free to browse the products below fro yourself or as a gift. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please contact the team, and we try to help you.


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