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ag-logo.jpgAlchemy Gothic rings have always been the jewel in the crown of their portfolio, showcasing Alchemy Gothic’s skill with metalwork, enamel, and crystal embellishment alike. Their range of men’s rings makes use of a variety of metal finishes, from roughened metalwork to inlaid brass, polished pewter and hints of enamel for a splash of colour.


The Alchemy Empire range offers dynamism and inventiveness for discerning gentlemen, with moving mechanisms and brass and copper details for that technological touch. Each ring is a piece of art in and of itself, and sure to get people talking.


Alternatively, you could turn to the bold simplicity of the Metalwear rings, where Celtic knotwork and simple engraving make their message known. Etched and contoured pewter makes the point, from simple bands to gorgeously grotesque skulls and serpents.


Finally, there is the classic simplicity that Alchemy 1977 and UL13 have to offer, where bright polish and monochromatic colour catch the light and ensnare the senses. Often themed in Las Vegas or graffiti styles, these pieces are perfect for daily wear.


Alchemy Gothic men’s rings are often available in larger sizes, and here at Brief Lives we do our best to make sure you select the piece that’s right for you. If you’re uncertain, please explore our ring size information, to help you get get best fit.


Alternatively, as with all our items. Brief Lives offers a no hassle refund or exchange policy. If you have any queries, either before or after receiving your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

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