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ag-logo.jpgAlchemy Gothic have crafted a unusual and exquisite collection of gothic earrings for women to suit any style. From elaborate chandelier pairs to exquisite ear wraps and cuffs, faux stretchers to simple studs, Alchemy have excelled themselves with this dynamic and beautiful collection.


Making use of enamel, crystal, pewter casting and decades of design experience, master craftsmen have worked tirelessly. The results are high quality, unique creations that will assist you in developing and expanding your own personal style.


No matter what theme takes your interest, from the decadence of the baroque to the chilling macabre offered by bony details, Alchemy Gothic’s earring collection is sure to have something to suite your needs. We have earrings available in every range, from Empire Steampunk to classic, Urban design to Metalwear. These Gothic Earrings depict every fantasy genre, from dragons to skulls and skeletons, from angel wings to snakes and spiders, no stone is left unturned.


Most of Alchemy Gothic’s earring require only one standard gauge piercing hole to be worn, and every piece is made of high quality pewter with no nickel content. Surgical steel posts provide a comfortable wearing experience, and a number of fastening types keep these earrings securely fixed in place.


Some earrings are designed to be worn singly, while others are available in pairs. This information, as well as all other pertinent details, are included by Brief Lives in the product description and specifications. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.


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