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ag-logo.jpgSeconds slip away, mere sand through our fingertips. Measure the passage of life in style with this stunning array of Gothic timepieces. Gothic fashion at its upmost, these glorious chronometers are designed to catch the eye with a stunning array of detail amidst the functionality of precision time-keeping.


From broad, urban design to the exquisite elegance of the debutante, Alchemy Gothic cater for every nuance of fashion, capturing the essence of alternative expression while maintaining their quality with genuine leather, pewter and enamel-work. With firm fastenings and resilient construction, these items are perfect for day-to-day wear, or to add that glimmer of something unique for a special occasion.


Whether you’re hoping to adorn your wrist or keep time in your pocket, we have a product to suit your needs in the Brief Lives collection. With creations ranging from soft feminine colours to bold masculine design and occupying the territory of perfect androgyny, there is truly the perfect item for anyone.


Alchemy Gothic pride themselves on the versatility of their designs, and this quality shows in the variety they offer in their watches and timepieces category. Hard cast pewter forms an elegant bracelet watch, while supple leather moulds comfortably across the skin.


All watches in this category run on standard watch batteries, which can easily be replaced to increase the longevity and usefulness of whichever watch or timepiece you choose to buy.

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